Those Slippery Little Suckers

Its Episode 3 you idiot! The Apology Courtney joins the show. Time means nothing to us. You need to feel the vibe Should we do shots? David…where is your phone? Are you regular? Not this again Hey…it’s “Cheeze” Volleyball is going great Dave has tendencies. Doppelganger Everyone should have a port-a-potty Golf is fun Slurping Oysters Are you a “Boar’s Hore” or a ” Boes Hoes.” Should I swipe right or left? Laney…where are you?

Courtney and Casey

Flight pants, a white lace glove and a mullet.

Happy Anniversary Dave introduces us to the new girl in his life. Scott joins us from Minnesota, and wonders Casey why are you on the show. When is it time to retire your underwear? We remember Winchesters and Scott introduces Jamie to 7&7. Dave is a narwhal, another Dave and Casey adventure includes spirit fingers, pull tabs and French fry darts. Casey needs a Gas fairy.

LoLo……grab me the Luffa!

Big News……Casey has joined the show Full Time! Kevin from NC joins the show while driving.
Throw on an apron and give me some help. Dave is not Eddie Haskell, Dina’s Disasters
Jamie Vomits Milwaukee’s White Lotus….The Ambassador Hotel
Jamie gets slapped in the face. Hold that Plane!
The crotch grab is really misunderstood. Bad Superbowl commercials
Till next time, were sorry.

You lost me at Sneakers.

New Year’s Eve Episode final show of Season #02. Casey has a new way to measure things. Laurie surfed on his back and that was it they fell in love a true American love story. Engagement Stories- these stories are not embellished. Jason pulled pork, gets rave reviews. Charlie Brown is better than Eeyore. Tom & Adam come back and join the show Adam enjoys Dublin Coddle Jamie visits the Chiropractor. Tom you’re in our prayers!

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

Dave and Jamie welcome Casey to the Boars Nest Podcast Dave’s lack of emotion
there is a time and place for everything another heavy sigh. Casey shows Dave how to drive the Magni. Dave is surrounded by a bunch of idiots. Locked out no problem hand me the sledgehammer. Two pizza’s and 4 waters please, look out was that a can of urine. Society is failing Jamie. And of course, sports Casey’s pick for places to eat is Tofte’s Table.

Those rules are sparked from stupidity

Dave and Jamie are back from summer vacation, Tom & Adam join the show, Tom is a unicorn! Jamie eats lunch with Dr. J, and Dave and Jamie’s road trip to Austin. Is it raining or is that bat shit. You are fine now, be a good boy snort your fentanyl. Did our moms raise quitter? Check out Miss Katie’s Diner.

Switch Please

Season 2 Episode 3 The Dave and Jamie welcome Jeff to the show, it feels like we are putting the band back together. Remembering Jeff’s 21st birthday and Wedding, what’s is on your Bucket List, what ever happened to the curb feelers. Do you know who Ernest Shackleton is? Our new sponsor.
Dave can’t be the only one in the state of Wisconsin who hasn’t had an Old Fashion?